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Announcement: Best Practices

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Hello everyone,

Each week I will be sharing a published article with the Nvivo Research Club Community. These scholarly works will be selected for one or more of reasons below:

  • Author(s)'s reflection of how they utilized Nvivo in their research.
  • Author(s)'s opinions regarding Nvivo and/or CAQDAS tools usage for a single or multiple methodological approach in qualitative research field.
  • Author(s)'s perspective  about the strengths and the limitations of Nvivo for their research.

The goals of this initiative are:

  • Providing resources for the members of research clubs to allow them to review published practices of Nvivo utilization in their research areas.
  • Initiating a discussion between the research club members to share their opinions and questions about the shared article or their own work.
  • Allowing research club members to find/meet other researchers in their area of study.
  • Encouraging collaboration between researchers.

Please engage, share and let everyone learn from each other.


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