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Questions for those who have used NVivo Transcription

NVivo Transcription useage 1  

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  1. 1. About how many transcripts have you had transcribed in NVivo Transcription?

    • 5 or less
    • 5-10
    • 11 or over
  2. 2. Do you correct your transcripts within one or two days of uploading them in NVivo Transcription?

    • Usually within one or two days
    • Sometimes within one or two days
    • More often there is a longer time gap
  3. 3. Once you have corrected and exported a transcript out of NV Transcription, do you delete the files from NV Transcription?

    • Always
    • Sometimes
    • Never

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Hi All,

We are always trying to improve NVivo Transcription. We would like to know what you do with the transcripts in NVivo Transcription after you have corrected them and either exported them out of NVivo Transcription or imported them into NVivo. Do you leave them in NVivo Transcription? Do you delete them from NVivo transcription? Would you find organizing your uploaded files into folders useful? I am constructing a poll about this?




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