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Importing a codebook from Excel

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Is it possible to import a codebook from Excel into NVivo? I don't mean importing a classification sheet -- I mean importing a codebook with hierarchical codes.

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Hello @Lisa2017,

You can import a codebook QDC format. Therefore, from the project you would like to use coding structure, export codebook in QDC format then you import that coding structure in your new project or share with your colleagues.

You can find detailed information here.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks, Canarik! Unfortunately, I don't have a QDC file -- my codebook is in an Excel file. After posting my question, I learned that NVivo can't directly import codes from  Excel. It can be imported as a dataset (after inserting dummy data) and then one can auto-code the columns. Afterwards, the dataset can be deleted.

Drawbacks: (1) Multiple steps (2) Does not generate hierarchical codes (3) Does not include code descriptions

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