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Export parts of dataset that are coded to a node

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I'm very new to using Nvivo and I'm struggling to figure out how to get my coded data out so I can feed it into another program.

What I would like to do is export my dataset file with all the columns, but only include the rows that have been coded to a certain node. Is this possible?

Another option that would work well for me would be to export my dataset with all its columns, but add a column for each of my nodes. Is that possible? I saw a similar question from 2017 and at that time it wasn't possible but I'm wondering if it is possible now.

I have tried using the export function but I have been unable to get the desired result.

Thanks for your help.


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Hello @Heather_McPhail,

It depends on the program you would like to feed into.

If that program supports importing html files, then you can run a coding query for your dataset and export results of "dataset" tab  in html format.

If html is not supported and you would need your file in excel format, then you can perform a coding query, go to dataset tab, right-click select all, copy, and paste into an empty excel file.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Heather, you can show the coding stripes for the specific node in the dataset and then print the coding stripes for a dataset.  However, the output will be in PDF format.  There is currently no facility in NVivo that will allow you to export the dataset with an additional column indicating which node the sections of the row are coded.  The Export dataset function also does not have the ability to filter what data to export.

You may have to manually do this by showing the coding stripes for the dataset for a specific node and then modifying the dataset file outside of NVivo to retain only the required data.  See this link for more information on coding stripes: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/win/v12.1.101-d3ea61/Content/coding/coding-stripes.htm

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