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Hello all, 
I am having a problem with NVivo where it codes a certain post on all nodes, multiple times without me putting it there (see reference 13,16,19 on node Anti-Vaccine for example and R2,4,7 for TRue Science). I have been deleting it manually but it takes so long and is very annoying. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and how to fix it? I have no idea why it happens, I do not do anything different in my opinion...... NVivo hates me, haha
I realized that it codes the bio of the twitter account that I am coding. The data was imported from an excel sheet and it somehow has coded many times her bio.... what can I do?


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Hello @Niya,

Nvivo has a auto coding feature but it requires user to define parameters. It is possible to see coded data when auto-coding is used during or after the import.

Hope this helps,


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