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Seeing codes for individual files

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Hi there,

Is there a way to see the all the codes (and references) used for an individual file? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Agnes, 


You might want to explore using coding stripes or highlighting. You can use these to show how your file has been coded. You can turn on coding stripes and/or highlighting using the detail view toolbar when your file is open. Coding stripes show small colored bars to the right of your document to show which code a portion of text has been coded to, and highlighting will highlight all of the text that has been coded to a specific code or selection of codes. 


You can also use queries to explore how your document has been coded. In your case, you might want to try running a matrix coding query, and selecting the file to be the row and the codes to be the column. The resulting matrix will show the number of references coded to each code. Double clicking in each cell will allow you to see the coded references. If you are unfamiliar with running a matrix coding query, instructions can be found at the following link:





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