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4 participants - weekly diary with 6 open Questions - 3months

luc nijs

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Hi all,

I want to start working with Nvivo to complement a colleague's work who approaches the data of our differently.

We had a study with 4 participants, who completed - during three months - a diary on a weekly basis. -> 12 times/participants

The diary had 6 open questions. 

Could someone recommend me how to organise my data?

For example, should I make a text file per participant per question per date? (sorry if this is a basic question, I'm a newbie...)

Or rather put all response to 1 question in 1 file ?

Or... ?

I was also wondering:

We also did 2 interviews, one after 1 month, and 1 after 3 months. Would it be an option to put responses to a question per period?

Thanks for helping me out!!



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Hi Luc, check if there are resources here that may help: https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/resources/

There are also NVivo certified trainers that you may check with and see if they can help (they may charge for their services): https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/support-services/customer-hub/find-a-certified-trainer


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