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Hi everyone,

I'm running into a big problem as I'm trying to search for certain words in my files in NVivo using text search. I've noticed that there are some key words that cannot be shown in the search result for some reasons!!  for example if I type security, the result shows nothing although my research is about security and it has been mentioned tenth of time. Also, I tried to copy some words from the documents uploaded in the NVivo and past them in the text search query, again no results. However; other words are searchable with no problems!!

You may look at the attached screenshot to understand my problem.

By the way, I'm using NVivo 12 on Win10. my files were originally created using NVivo 11.

I need help.

NVivo Issue1.png

NVivo Issue2.png

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Hello @Naser,

This seems like an unexpected behavior.

Could you please go to your project properties and check whether the word "businesses" is listed in stop words or not?

If yes, please note that text query excludes stops word, kindly remove the word from the list.

If not, then please submit a support request form following: https://support.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/s/contactsupport/contact-support-form



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Hello Canarik,

Thank you for your reply.

I have checked the stop word and was surprised, most of the key words that I need and use in my research was listed for some unknown reasons!!!

I really appreciate your help. I finally can search with confidence.

Best regards,

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