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Hello everyone, 

I am using NVivo to code a dataset involving 100+ papers, and I have several questions that hope I can get help from you (Thank you in advance!). The team lead already created the nodes, and I can see that every node has a total of 274 references in the node list.  However, when I open each individual node in reference while coding, 1) the total number of reference in each node vary! For example, in one node, in spite of showing me it contains 274 references in the node list, there is only 264 references to code in one node when I click on 'Reference', but 270 references in another node. 2) Some of the contents in two references are reversed. For example, the row ID and the title of the paper matches well, but the content in the next following paper was switched with the previous paper. This causes a big problem while coding, because I have to go back to the full dataset and check one by one, which takes a long time to do so. 3) Because the first step of coding is to apply a binary filter and filter out the ones don't describe a program, so the papers didn't describe a program are the same across all nodes that fall under the umbrella "Program". Is there a way I can duplicate the codes of "No program", which I already coded for one node, to other nodes, and also have the code strips carried along? I have tried copy and paste, but the coding strips were duplicated in the first node that I coded and weren't carried along to the second node. 4) we actually have 137 papers, but when we complied the data, the ratings from different raters weren't integrated, resulting in two references for one paper. Is there a way to figure it out or can we still merge them later?

Thank you for the help! 


July 17, 2021

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Hello @Rose Q,

This might require further investigation of your project file.

Please submit a support request form following: https://support.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/s/contactsupport/contact-support-form


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