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Sorry basic question! PNo on Reference?

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I fear this is a very basic question as I am a novice Nvivo user. I have my cases, with each participant response as an individual case. I have then coded them. When I go to codes, and double click I get the list of references. At the top of each one it says: Reference 1 - 0.01% Coverage, for example. Can I add participant info to this reference? I want to see participant number and perhaps some other demographic info here to situate the responses more when I view the coding. Is this possible?

Many thanks,



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Hello @GEP,

It is possible what you would like to achieve.

If your files represents your cases. You can create cases from those files. Please follow below steps.

1) Select all of your files 

2) Right-click 

3) Choose Create As>Cases

Then you can create a case classification and add attributes. Once you completed this process, just assign the case classification to your cases. Then, assign desired attribute values using case classification sheet.

For further detail please refer here.

Hope this helps,


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Hi @canarik,

Many thanks for your reply and your help.

I have followed the above and already have the class classifications - they were imported from Excel (using Nvivo 12, in case that helps at all). I have followed the instructions but I still can't seem to get the nodes showing the details on the references? What step am I missing? Do you happen to know if there is a video I can perhaps follow? The best I can get is to go to the Dataset view on the node and it shows the participant number and I can cross reference, but I'd really like to see the demographic info alongside the quote that is coded. Sorry to be slow on this! 

Many thanks,


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Hello again @GEP,

If you would like to see demographic info while looking to your coded references, you can use matrix coding query feature. 

To explain this I will use Nvivo Sample Project.

Let's say you would like to see age group distribution of coded text for all the sub codes of "Fishing Industry Decline"

1) Open Matrix Coding Query

2) Select your scope item(s)- (in this scenario it will be all interview files)

3) Put all sub-codes of "Fishing Industry Decline" into rows

4) Put all age group attributes into columns

5) Save your query as new coding matrix

6) Go to the saved coding matrix and copy it

7) Select Codes from your navigation pane 

8- Paste your coding matrix as a coding structure

You will have a coding structure similar to the attached image below.

Now you can double-click any of the codes and use coding stripes to view demographic info along side the coded references.

Hope this helps,



Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 00.07.23.png

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 00.13.29.png

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