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Hello colleagues,

I coded specific parts of each document as Node. Then I used matrix coding based on case classification, where all documents that contained Node  were Coded as Class 1 or Class 2.  As a result, I have two sets (new nodes): Node-Class 1 and Node- Class 2.  All coding strips for every coded document correctly show that a node is coded as (Node and Node-Class) 1 or (Node and  Node-Class 2).  When I search for a text in Node, NVIVO finds files, that have a text. But when I search in Node-Class 1 or Node-Class 2 NVIVO does not find some files.

Can somebody assist, because I don't know if it is me who is doing something wrong, or NVIVO does not work properly.


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Hello @Galina,

Based on the second visual in the attached file, the circled view is NOT a node view but a cell view of corresponding nodes. Therefore, it does not necessarily mean that you are really seeing the correct coding for the code "Graduate Technical".

Moreover, I would suggest double checking your scope item for the text search query.

In addition to that you can check your coding directly from the code "Graduate Technical".

1) Select the code "Graduate Technical"

2) Double-Click

3) In the Code View click PDF tab

If you can see the file "0002 Addison.TX " then your need to check your text search query settings.

If you can NOT see the file "0002 Addison.TX " then this file is NOT coded with the code "Graduate Technical.

Hope this helps,



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Canarik, thank you very much for your response.

In fact, I double checked and made sure that item 002 is coded with "Graduate-Technical". You can see it in the attachment (image 1), where the system has found the file 002 when I clicked/opened  "Graduate-Technical" node. We can also see all coding strips there.

Image 2. It is a cell view of corresponding nodes, you are right. But now I included coding strips as well, and we can see that item 002 is coded properly under "Graduate-Technical" based on coding strips.

So, it looks like item 002 is coded properly as "Graduate-Technical", but when I search a text in Graduate-Technical item 002 is not found (image 3), but when I search in Technical Accounting Knowledge, the system finds it (I could not attach image because of file size limitation for attachments). 

To be honest, I am lost :(


Issue 2.docx

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Hello again @Galina,

This might require further investigation of your project file.

Please submit a support request form following: https://support.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/s/contactsupport/contact-support-form


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