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Associating coded References to Cases (as well as Codes and Files)

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Dear All, how're things?

I have data relating to 80 individual Cases.

Each case has a set of related quantitative and categorical data in a spreadsheet that I have imported as Case Classifications.

Each case will have one or more PDF Files providing a narrative description related to the case.

I will work through the PDF Files and code relevant (to me) themes (References) to a coding schema, creating Codes in NVivo.

I would like to be able to cross-tabulate the results, including exploring the relationships between the Codes and the Case Classifications.

The coded References will be automatically associated with their related Code and their source File.

What is the best way to ensure that the coded References are also associated with their relevant Case?

For each imported file, should I just code the entire contents to the Case that it belongs to?  Or is there an alternative/better approach?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Regards, Stuart Palmer.

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Hello @Stuart Palmer,

If your research has multiple files for the same case the best strategy is to assign all files to same classification and use attribute(s) to assign desired relation value.

I hope this helps,



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Hello @RHU_Mach,

Could you please elaborate on your question? 


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