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I recently purchased a license and transcription for my dissertation study that is currently underway. I was using the trial software and it was supposed to seamlessly covert over to my purchased license (I used my student email account). I then realized that in my confusion, I purchased the Mac version when I am using windows. I have left voicemails with QSR, and sent emails to technical support. I haven’t received a SINGLE RESPONSE. I am paying for my education and can already barely afford it. I want to know if I can switch my license to a windows version? Is QSR going to keep ignoring me until I cave and purchase the correct version? This is not the customer service I would have expected to have received from this company and kinda regret using it for my study. I would love any insight I can get as I would love to avoid having to duplicate the purchase. Thank you! 

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Hi there, I can understand your frustration. I remember being a doctoral student and time and money is limited. I will escalate this issue for you internally. Thanks Stacy 

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