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Trouble merging master project

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We are working on a project together and coding interview transcripts. We merge our projects after we finish coding each transcript. The first two transcripts went fine, but then we needed to make some changes to our node hierarchy and definitions. We did this and my research partner started coding subsequent work in a new saved copy of our master project --- but somehow it must have retained a memory of the old hierarchy (which he does not see on screen). Whenever I now merge our coding results, any of our nodes we have changed show up twice - despite the fact that we both only see the new hierarchy on our screens in Nvivo - which looks identical to each other.  Any advice on how we fix this?

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Hello @Michelle Jarvie-Eggart,

This might require further investigation of your project file.

Please submit a support request form following: https://support.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/s/contactsupport/contact-support-form


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