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God morning.  I am using NVIVO 12 at the moment. I created 2 projects: Individual Interviews (12 participants) project 2 and a focus group (6 participants) project 1.

So far I created the following:

1. Frequency of code for Focus Group

2. Frequency of Code  for Individual interviews

3. Word Cloud for both groups

My last task is to create a Graph of the most Frequently Used Codes. How can go about doing this to include all 12 participants and focus group on the same chart?

Thanks for your assistance





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Hello @Claudia P Shakespeare,

First of all, Nvivo allows you to create multiple case groups. Therefore, if your research project has both individual interviews and focus group, you can create cases separately in the same project file. You do not need to create a new project file for each participant (case) group.

Since your research structured in two separate projects, you need to merge these two projects. For detailed instructions, please refer here.

Once project merge is completed, you can create a matrix coding query with cases on rows and codes on columns. By default, each cell represents the number of coding references, there you can utilize filter and sort functions to identify most frequently used codes and chart them.


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