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Separating coded transcripts from media content

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I am transcibing video content sometimes directly in NVivo and sometimes from an auto-transciption app. I am working on this, correcting and coding, within NVivo so that the media file and its transcipt play together. Once I have done the coding I will want to save only the coded transcript (in accordance with my ethical approval). How do I separate the transcript text from the media file while retaining all the coding (also possibly memos and annotations)? Many thanks Sally

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Hello @Sally800,

Once you complete the process transcription will be attached to the audio/video file.

However, there is a workaround for your request. Please follow below steps.

1) Import the video file. (Let's say you named it John)

2) Complete the transcription.

3) Complete your coding.

4) Create a document named John.

5) Open your video file 

6) Click on any place in transcription section. Press CMD+A and then CMD+C

7) Go to your document and press CMD+V

8- You will have all coding and text in your document. You can now erase the video file.

I hope this helps,




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Hi Sally, 

There is another workaround you can use by moving the audio file so that NVivo can no longer play it. To do this your media file needs to be saved outside of the project. You can move any embedded media files outside the project by doing the following:

  1. Open the file that contains the media file.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Item group, click Get Info.
  3. If you cannot see the Audio or Video Properties, click the disclosure triangle, and then next to Media Location, select Not embedded - file location, then select the folder where you want to save the media file, and then click Export.
  4. Click Done.

You can then close NVivo and use Finder on your Mac to open the folder containing the saved audio files. You would need to delete these files or move them to another folder. When you reopen NVivo and try to open the audio you will be prompted whether you want to work with the transcript only. 



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