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Using the sample project, can you generate questions from the data?

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For example:

Can you generate a list of relationships/questions such as:

"According to gender (Case classification), how are their attitudes different (Nodes)?

I'm working with the sample project data. I am new to NVIVO so I don't know if this is a simple answer or not?


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Hello @rico21r,

Yes, it is possible to set up queries to find an answer to your question.

Let's say you would like to answer that question for interviews.

You can do it in two ways:

1) Matrix  coding query


2) Crosstab Query


I hope this helps,


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Hello thank you for the speedy response!


I think I may have worded my initial question poorly. 

What I am trying to ask is; is it possible to generate a list of questions?


for example we have this one:

According to gender (Case classification), how are their attitudes different (Nodes)“

Can NVIVO generate every other possibility of questions such as:

“According to gender (Case Classification), how is their sense of community (Nodes).

and so on for every combination?


I don’t Want to answer the questions, per se, more so generate a list of possible questions. 

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Hello @rico21r,

Thank you for the clarification!

Please note that what you would like to active is not something Nvivo (or any other CAQDAS in the market) is designed for.

Such a feature requires quite sophisticated AI to calculate every possible options. Thus, personally, I do not think we could not have that in the near feature.


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