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NCaputure - analyzing by date

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I'm analyzing data that I searched on Twiiter using NCaputure. I coded. Now I would like to know how many twitters there are per code in EACH MONTH. How do I use twitter date to get this information?
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Hello @Sara PL,

First of all, please make sure that you created a case for each user name assign to a case classification you created.


1) Open imported dataset

2) Click chart tab

3) Choose select data and go for timeline by moth

4) Each bar will represent a month, click each bar to see relevant code.

5) Go to dataset tab and select all then code selection and give corresponding month name to that code

6) Repeat 4 & 5 until you create code for every month in your dataset

7) Create a matrix query with desired codes on rows and all months on columns.

8- Intersecting numbers will indicate the number of codes in corresponding month.

9) To see number of twitters (ie. number of individual users) right click and select cell content>case coded>(your assigned case classification)

I hope this helps


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