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Add coding stripe option that shows codes in close vicinity of text being read

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I have been for the past few months coding a substantial number of interviews I conducted as part of my master's thesis. The coding stripe options have been one of my pet annoyances during this process. They are rather clunky and often require additional uncessary time to find codes for the current text being worked on. For example, when I am going back through transcripts and re-analysing codes I have to horizontally scroll through the entire code set of the transcript to find the codes specific to the text currently in view. Could we please have an additonal coding option that moves the codes for the currently in view text to the far left so that they are visible. This would save quite a bit of time and make it easy to edit codes without needing to scroll through codes that aren't being looked at. 

Also, I'm not sure if it's a bug but when I go to select by left clicking on a code in the code stripes box it resets my view to the far left beginning of all my codes and only after scrolling for a second time and left clicking again will it highlight the code in the text that I selected. There really is no reason to make me perform the exact action twice. These two little changes eat up a considerable amount of time. 

Thanks alot!

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