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NVivo and NVivo 12 slow performance

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Running two versions of Nvivo on Windows has resulted in slow performance with my research project.

My old laptop ran perfectly well with Nvivo 12, but the new staff HP Probook laptops were installed with latest version of Nvivo and Nvivo 12. Both versions were running very slowly (including basic operations like opening up a node). In response the latest version was uninstalled, but Nvivo 12 is still running very slowly. I loaded up one of the sample Nvivo projects, with the same slow performance outcome.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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Hello @Darren A,

First, I would recommend to check where your project (and recovery) files are set to be recorded. If your project files are being recorded to a folder which is set to be synced with a cloud service such as iCloud, Google Drive, Box, etc. , this might be the cause.

If that is the case, then please record your project file to a folder where it is not being synced and test again. If this resolves your issue but you would like to be sure that your files are backed up. Then after you completed your work and saved your project, manually copy and paste your project file to a sync folder.

If this troubleshooting did not help, this might require further investigation of your project file.

Please submit a support request form following: https://support.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/s/contactsupport/contact-support-form


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