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Using Microsoft Teams and Zoom Automatic Transcription with NVivo

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If your institution, like ours, pays for Microsoft Teams or Zoom automated transcription -- perhaps to help with accessibility -- you may have wondered if you can use the service to create NVivo Transcripts. 

We've found the Teams transcripts to be superior to other automated services. And because Teams knows the speaker names, it can automagically separate out speakers, which is really useful. Zoom does the same. But of course NVivo doesn't currently support either's transcript formats. 

So we've written a utility that converts the VTT files created by Teams and Zoom into a format that NVivo can import. It does some other stuff too, like combining lines together for easy coding.

That's here: https://securityessentials.github.io/Teams2NVivo/


- Charles


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Hello @Charles Weir,

Thank you so much for your contribution.

I would like to mention support team here to have a look @QSRSupport.


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