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audio and video files unable to play when accessing project using MacBook

Andy M

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I save and access my project on iCloud Drive. This works fine on my desktop. But when accessing via my MacBook, I cannot access video and audio files, it says 'Missing Media File'. All the files are also saved on the iCloud Drive, so should be no difference whether on MacBook or desktop.

Would appreciate any tips on what I need to do!

thank you!

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Hello @Andy M,

First, I would recommend to check where your project (and recovery) files are set to be recorded. If your project files are being recorded to a folder which is set to be synced with a cloud service such as iCloud, Google Drive, Box, etc. , this might be the cause.

If that is the case, then please record your project file to a folder where it is not being synced and test again. If this resolves your issue but you would like to be sure that your files are backed up. Then after you completed your work and saved your project, manually copy and paste your project file to a sync folder.

If this troubleshooting did not help, this might require further investigation of your project file.

Please submit a support request form following: https://support.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/s/contactsupport/contact-support-form



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Hi Andy,

If you try opening the media files when working on your MacBook you should get the option to update the media location. You will just need to select where the file is saved to update the location. 

Even though the files are saved in iCloud, the file path may be different between the two computers. You will also need to ensure that the media files have fully downloaded to your MacBook for them to play successfully. 



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