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How to add data stored in excel file to an existing Nvivo file


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Does anyone know if you can add data to a pre-existing Nvivo file? 

I imported my survey data, which was stored in an excel file, into one Nvivo file.  The problem is, I accidentally excluded one of the columns in my excel table, and now my data set is incomplete.  It is missing all the responses to one question in the survey.  Is there a way of just adding that one column to the existing file in Nvivo?  Or does anyone have any other suggestions?  


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Hello @Elim,

When working with datasets , there are two things to consider before importing them into Nvivo:

1) Datasets are created by importing data, and cannot be edited inside NVivo.

2) You cannot change the analysis type (codable or classifying) of a column after import, so you should decide how you want to use your data before you import a dataset.

Therefore if the data you are missing is critical for your research, you need to re-import your excel dataset.

For further details please refer here.


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