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Hi Katen,


I'm not sure if you're using N6 or NVivo as there is no software called 'NVivo 6' (look out for NVivo 7 soon though!).


If you're using N6 then there is no quick way to re-arrange tree nodes. You will have to re-arrange them by cutting and attaching them elsewhere (I find right-clicking with my mouse is the best way to do this), or changing the node addresses.


If you're using NVivo then you can either use the methods I mentioned above for N6, or you can drag and drop your nodes to change their location.


Before you make any substantial changes however, I'd strongly recommend making a back-up copy of your project as it's very easy to get a bit carried away and make changes to your project that you can't reverse.


Kind regards, Lyn

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If you want to rearrange nodes within a tree in N6, just change their node numbers in the right pane of the Node Explorer. You may have to do a bit of juggling as you can't have one that matches an existing number.

(For NVivo users, this can be done via node properties)


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